Packaging and sending of your orders

When you place an order on our website, the order then gets relayed to a member of our diligent and attentive warehouse staff. They make their way through our vast Yerba warehouse and pick out the correct items from the shelves. A visual inspection is done to make sure the items are intact and have the correct BBD (best before date).

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After that, the goods are collected and arranged at the packaging station, ready to be packed into one or more of our quality Enisay-branded boxes.

If there are fragile items such as gourds, bombillas or certain hard-cover Yerba Mate packages included in the order, we take extra care to wrap the items in bubble-wrap or other insulating materials to make sure nothing is broken or damaged during transit.

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Loose items moving around during the journey are one of the biggest shipping hazards, so we also fill all the empty space in the box with insulation until everything is firmly in place. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously, and therefore take the utmost care to make sure your items arrive in pristine condition.

After making sure all items are securely packed, the package is neatly closed and taped up.

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The package is deposited at the order collection area and a shipping label with all of your delivery info is printed out and added to the package. Within a day, the order is picked up by one of our trusted transport partners and taken into the wider world.

Within a few days, the package should arrive at your place whole and in perfect condition, just like you expect it. If anything goes wrong, we have a very efficient and friendly customer service department who will help you with any questions or requests.

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There you go, now you know how the inner workings of our warehouse makes your order go from your screen to your door. So now that you can picture the process, go and choose something from our wonderful selection! We’ll do our absolute best to make sure you have a great experience!