Where do product photos on our website come from?

Here at Enisay, we understand that our customer’s shopping experience is in many ways determined by the quality of product images. In an online store, unlike a physical one, you can’t feel, try, smell and test the product. It means that our customers will have to rely only on the visuals to give them the most accurate representation of what they are ordering.

 IMAGE-2022-09-09-122522-600x800 IMAGE-2022-09-09-122525-600x800

To ensure high-quality images for every product in our catalog, we always take our own pictures. We did not want to rely on the images provided by suppliers since they would always differ in style and quality. Instead, we decided to create our own product photography studio to make sure our customers always know what they are getting.

The process

Each of the hundreds of yerba mate bags and accessories in our warehouse goes through the same process. First, we select the most representative bag of yerba for every brand and mate type. Then, after having set up the lights and equipment, we take several shots and adjust the parameters depending on the result. The next step is editing: each picture is cropped, color corrected, and given an Enisay watermark before it goes on the website.

IMAGE-2022-09-09-122527-600x600 IMAGE-2022-09-09-122530-600x600

Everything you see on our website comes directly from our warehouse, so there will be no unpleasant surprises – you always know exactly what you will get when placing an order.

Of course, anything can happen, and even the most diligent of us make mistakes sometimes. If your order does not satisfy you for any reason, you can always contact our customer support at service@enisay.eu. We will be happy help you with a return or exchange!