Categories of Yerba Mate

If you are only starting out with yerba mate, all its different types and categories might confuse you. Depending on the way it is manufactured, yerba mate can be strong or mild, sweet or bitter, flavored or traditional. How do you choose the best yerba to suit your taste? Here is a comprehensive guide to the most popular yerba mate categories out there.



Traditional yerba is the classic, most authentic type of yerba mate. Its cut will be different depending on the country yerba comes from: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay or Brazil. This yerba usually includes a balanced combination of leaves and stems and has a traditional smoky, slightly bitter flavor.

Brazilian mate, known as chimarrão, is the only yerba that is fresh, not aged or smoked, so it is distinguished as a separate type.


Despalada, or Sin Palo, is the type of yerba that doesn’t contain any stems, only pure yerba leaves. Because of that, mate despalada is usually stronger, has more intense flavor and contains more caffeine than any other yerba cut.


Suave yerba is a type that contains 20% stems and 80% leaves, which results in a lighter, more gentle yerba mate that is not as strong and bitter. This mate is great for beginners or those materos who prefer less intense flavors and milder strength.


Yerba Especial is a gourmet mate, made only from the best hand-picked yerba leaves and aged from 12 to 24 months to achieve a perfectly balanced flavor and texture.


Tereré is a type of yerba mate that is made specifically for being prepared in cold water with ice. In other words, it is processed in a way that makes yerba stronger, with a flavor intense enough to be fully developed even in cold water. Different kinds of flavored mate are often used for tereré, especially those with added fruit, herbs and citrus.


Tropical yerba is a blend of yerba leaves with a whole variety of tropical flavors. It usually includes all citrusy flavors (lemon, orange, grapefruit or lime), as well as a mix of tropical fruit. This type of yerba is perfect for tereré and makes a good base for refreshing cocktails.


A very popular type of mate, this category includes all flavored yerba. The selection of flavors is huge, including all kinds of fruit, berries and herbs. Flavored mate also includes traditional yerba, sweetened with sugar, honey or stevia. This yerba is a perfect one for tereré, as well as an ideal base for cocktails and other refreshing drinks.


Herbal yerba mate is a blend of yerba leaves with a wide selection of different herbs, from refreshing mint and boldo to medicinal ones, like moringa and lemon balm. This type of yerba is a great choice for tereré, as well as a good base for cocktails and other refreshing drinks.


Silueta yerba can help you stay fit by improving digestion and boosting metabolism. It does so by using a blend of yerba leaves with digestive medicinal herbs. As a result, this yerba is not only delicious and unique in flavor, but also a great addition to any healthy diet.


Energia is a type of mate that contains the strongest yerba to give you a powerful energy boost. Often including stimulating additions like guarana or katuava, as well as various herbs, this mate will help maintain focus and mental energy consistently high throughout the day.


This type of yerba is organically certified, which means it is sustainably grown and produced, one hundred percent chemical-free and made with awareness of its environmental impact. Such strict and high production standards result in a clean, fresh tasting yerba, made responsibly with attention and care.