Yerba Mate Starter Kit

Are you curious about yerba mate and its benefits and want to try it, but don’t know where to begin? We made a list of everything you need in your starter kit to make perfect yerba mate at home!

Calabash Gourd

First thing you will need for an authentic mate experience is a gourd, a special drinking vessel for yerba mate. Traditionally they have been made from a dried and hollowed out squash plant, calabash. These days gourds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including glass, wood or stainless steel. Calabash gourds, however, are still the most popular choice, since they are always unique and their use stems from centuries of South American tradition.



Another tool you will need to go with your gourd is a bombilla, a drinking straw with a filtered end. Just like the gourds, bombillas come in many sizes, colors and materials, so you can always find something you like. We recommend going with stainless steel, as well as making sure the bombilla fits your gourd in size.


Yerba Mate

The last step towards a perfect cup of mate is good yerba. The quality of leaves is key in determining the final flavor, aroma and texture of your drink, so chose accordingly. We usually recommend beginners to start with yerba brands from Argentina or Paraguay. They have the most classic, straightforward and clean taste without being too harsh or smoky, which allows you to comfortably get used to the flavor of mate.


A great way to get introduced to the world of yerba mate is ordering one of our Yerbox starter packs, which already contains your perfect starter kit. Yerbox offers a wide selection of sets that include authentic calabash gourds and bombillas, as well as an assortment of some of the best yerba mate brands on the market. If you are an experienced matero and would like to dive deeper into what mate has to offer, you will enjoy our hand-picked degustation packs with the best selection of yerba brands from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.